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"Too many to choose=]=]"

Hello my name is Sarah. Im finishing up high school this year [yeahhh I'm a seniorrr] and am stoked for what comes after this. I hope to go to college to major in journalism. I love to write [hence why I am on here] =]. I have a lot of writing experience--from school, to writing a fashion blog for a big newspaper, to writing for a teen publication. Sadly my mechanics need a little help--as my teacher once said " You're a bit comma happy!" So I am hoping to fix that =]. I also write alot of poetry mainly just on my own time--mostly deep ones some are happy its all about what I am feeling when I write them [ but hey thats writing isnt it?]

I love music to be honest as cliche as it sounds; I don't know where I'd be without it. I listen to indie/alternative the most along with pop, classic rock, some punk rock, techno, some hip hope. I can't stand Rap and Country.

I'm not really sure about what else to say--I'll think of more along the way to add=].

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