a 19-year-old from Zimbabwe

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About me? Well let’s see....

Obviously I love reading and writing stories, otherwise it would have been dumb to come here lol. And I like talking to new people from everywhere. So you wanna talk, I’m the person for you! I like music too....Hip-hop, rock, r ‘n’ b, gospel....anything with a beat I’ll listen to.

And yes I’m 18, but comfortable with anyone from any age, well if you’re not creepy....but if you are, that’s interesting too lol. I also tend to say the things that come to my mind, so don’t be offended too much. There’s also an overuse of lol, if you’ve noticed....sorry, can’t really help myself on that one, I’m a generally happy person.

I like appreciating all categories of art, be it stories, drawings or music. I think art should be valued, treasured and preserved. Sorry if that’s a little corny, but yeah well, that’s me...the package comes with everything. So you want me to check something of yours, do tell me. Though I don’t like reviewing incomplete works, if you got eight or ten chapters going on there, do tell! I try to offer honest criticism without being too harsh. Notify me via e-mail if you have something you want reviewed:

And I like animations, vampire diaries, action movies, dance movies, race movies, novels...every genre though fan fiction is yet to grow on me, ice-cream, clothes, human anatomy, socialising, singing (my best friend runs away when I do so though, can’t figure out why *frown*).

That’s pretty much it...I’m guessing if I go on and you’ll get bored and stop reading lol

(Sorry for rambling..... bad habit, can’t shake it)*dramatic sigh*

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