a 24-year-old dude from now where's the fun in telling

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"if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"

well hi there. I see you have taken the time to actually look at my work/profile so i guess i should probably write something about myself. 

ok, so as you have probably figured i'm a poet (well done for noticing that) and I bet you didn't know it (you should have seen that coming). if you have read the little work i have written (depends if this is when you read this, but that's just time for you) you will see I prefer grittier, darker pieces with pineapple hints surrealism. I tend to question pretty much everything (mainly governments and society) in the (somewhat Innocent) hope that someone will be changed by it (that has yet to happen, probably won't knowing human nature).

besides all this grime, misery and thinking. i'm apparently a fun loving guy that does crazy things and tries live his lives to the maximum. i'm an actor. i love extreme sports and anything that will give me my next hit of adrenaline. I have been told that i'm insane but that's a matter of perspective. I have an unfortunate tendency to compulsively help people even though I can be a nihilistic (insert appropriate word*). 

other hobbies are playing Guitar/ making music, art, running (or parkour if you want to be picky)

major influences, would have to be Dante in terms of poetry. with life it is anyone who sticks their neck out for the people around them and anyone who goes out to live life (without harming people around them, yeah that's a toughy).

as a final note to anyone who has bothered to read this (wow, you endured that?) don't be afraid to live life, don't be afraid to jump to someone's aid and as I once said to a friend in dire need "spread your wings and let the wind take it where it may, if you don't like where it takes you only have to flap your wings and cry my name"

sam, out

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