a 19-year-old shorty from behind a book, United States

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"The only real failure you can have in life is to disengage."

Well...not really sure what to put here. So let's start with the basics. I love and live for reading (shocker, I know). I'm a foodie and according to many people, have the pallet of a pregnant woman (peanut butter nutella banana sandwich with warm milk anyone? :P). I play the flute and have failed epically at the piano. Though I love writing, I only started about half a year ago. Here's some of the bands I listen to when I write:


Michael Buble 

One Republic  


Cœur de pirate


Of Monsters and Men

and though I HATE Twillight with a capitol "H" I've got to give them some credit for the good songs on their soundtrack. 

 And sense I'm fairly new to this writing thing I greatly appreciate your critiques, which is the whole reason I even joined ProTag in the first place (ya know, along with reading your fantabulously good stories and whatnot :P).

Books that will change your life!!!: 

The Fault in Our Stars

Harry Potter (naw dur)

Percy Jackson


Warm Bodies (and for the last freaking time this is NOT, I repeat, NOT some stupid twilight rip off! Oh and it's like 1000000 x better then the movie. AND the main point isn't even about the romance! Sorry... I really could go on and on about all of the misconceptions surrounding this amazing story that has been blocking it from getting more readers... which it totally deserves...)  

The Patron Saints of Butterflies

Maximum Ride (though the series eventually fizzes out after the first few books)



The Hunger Games

And more to come...


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