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"If you fall, fall with grace. Don't let 'em see the fear upon your face. If you break, break the reins. It's better up in lights than down in flames, and I will do the same."

Hello all! 

I'm a bit outdated as far as my generation goes; I love listening to older music and black and white movies and TV shows are my absolute favorite. I write mostly poetry and short stories. 

With in my poetry I like using a lot of symbolism, format shifts, and meter and rhyme changes. I like to get creative with my poetry and try to not stay nailed to a particular format.

My short stories are normally of the horror genre. I really enjoy the darker and more macabre side of life and I try to express that in a lot of what I write.

I am always looking to better my writing, so any critique you want to give I would greatly appreciate, all I ask is that it is constructive and that I can actually try to utilize it to better my skills.

Thanks for viewing my page and reading my works. 

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