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Hey there!

I'm Rhys (dubbed Royston by my friends) I'm from south Wales, not too far off Cardiff.

A little bit about me first right? Well that seems fair enough. I'm currently coming to the end of my university days having studied environmental science which has impacted my writing, what i believe and how i think - hopefully for the best. I've just finished my dissertation, which i think has crippled the creative soul inside me so I'm trying to get back into the spirit to finish my main story for a contractor (touch wood it all goes well) : )

What else to say? Well about the writing, I've done it for about four years now and I focus mainly on fantasy and sci-fi anything that doesn't rely too strongly on facts (they're not a strength of mine) My main story thread I'm still working on but its split into several bits, some feeder material I'll publish on here to see what people think and of course for you all to play with to your hearts content though I'll probably be filling in my original idea is I go along.

Another reason I'm here is to get feed back, so if you read my stories please tell me what you think!? I'll really appreciate it and I'd love some more friends in the community. This of course means I'd prefer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism; I don't take well to anything malicious as I'm sure you all agree – it’s just tacky and disrespectful.

I think major influences for my writing have come from mythology, especially Greek myths, parts of Christianity (though I'm a spiritualist) and of course music - feeder and sustainer of the soul! Currently I'm going for anything either atmospheric or orchestral like bits of Juno Reactor and Hybrid. John Williams is my favourite composer mind. Movies too play an important part, i love Danny Boyle as a director, and my favourite movie at the moment is sunshine - if anyone else has seen it.

Anyways, I'll leave you get back to whatever you were doing - sorry this whole things more like incoherent waffle (my nature I guess) feel free to send comments or messages.

Take care and good luck!!

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