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 Anny James isn't her real name, but that's because Anny's identity is so top-secret, she'll have to kill you if she tells you who she is. Born and raised in a house of good, proper journalists, Anny loves telling the truth, even if her narrators are some of the most unreliable out there. Don't worry, though — there's always a good reason for that.

She writes whatever comes to mind, which is kind of a mess, so she never tries to make sense or genre-tize what she writes. Actually, her works are just kind of like her brain vomiting all over a keyboard or notebook. She does have a thing for urban paranormal/fantasy, well-written sci fi and dystopian, and angsty, perfect romance, which means that people like Richelle Mead standing as her favorite authors makes total sense.

Anny's works tend to be more character-driven, but she's working on having some stuff be plot-driven. In the end, she doesn't really care, because it's not the plot she usually has to beat into behaving. Expect a colorful array of personalities, disorders, and histories when you read her stuff. Anny defines the word varied.

When not writing, Anny can usually be found, eating, sleeping, or badgering her RL friends to do stuff and drive her places when she's not at work. She's also into paragraph-roleplaying on sites hosted by places like invisionfree and jcink, so if you're in that world, hit her up. She likes having friends.

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