a 90-year-old man

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"Anybody can be an anybody but it takes somebody to be somebody and I'll be dammed if I'll be an anybody. I've been a somebody all my life and I have left my mark in many places."

My wife and I have two married son's, three grandchildren and five great grandchildren. After WW2 I settled down in St. Louis MO. My wife's home. I spent most of my work life In manufacturing manage work. Spent a lot of time as a guest speaker and teacher on management subjects. In my spare time I did a lot of flight instructing. Very active in amateur theater and taught acting classes. At the ending part of my working career I did a lot of management consulting. Very active photographer. Moved to Arkansas in 2013. My wife was quit ill and I moved to be closer  to my son and get the needed help with my wife. Unfortunately she passed on in June of 2013. So now I'll spend the rest of my life here in Arkansas. I always look at as " The Beas of My Life."

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