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 I’m actually a guy/guy novel writer, otherwise known as original Yaoi or slash (It’s a hobby-and I am unpublished). I am a woman and over the age of thirty-five. I have been doing this sort of thing for a LONGGG time, better than two decades in fact I have written with a partner before, and together we produced mutable book-length projects in a universe of our own creation. However she has a lot of other things on her plate these days, and I’m having some serious writers-withdrawal. So I am looking for another project at the moment.

I’m thinking about doing series of short stories or perhaps even a full length novel and I am looking for a kick-ass editor/beta. I want someone who wouldn’t mind following me along on a WIP. Giving me a little motivation on occasion. Telling me what they think of a particular add or their impression of it. I want someone capable asking me questions, examining plot and motivations. Someone who isn’t afraid to inquire about *anything* or make suggestions.

This could be a long term project, and it could move quite slowly or at lighting speed. It’s always hard to tell with me. I may well send small adds, or whole chapters. It just depends when I decide to look for impute. And no I don’t expect the Beta portion to be done until the chapter is actually completed. But I will most likely seek impute along the way…

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