a 60-year-old gentleman from Just South of Buffalo NY, United States

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"No one will every care how much you know, until they know how much you care"

I have been writing since the fall of 2009. Earlier that year I was in a bad motorcycle accident and had some head trauma. Until that time I had been very artistic in regards to painting and drawing. I was doing a weekly editorial cartoon for a paper for 15 years up to that time. I continue with cartooning to this day still doing a regular toon for a local publication. I began writing after the accident. At first I was writing poems that were all being published in local newspapers. Then I put together two books of inspirational poetry that sold with all proceeds going to charities (American Cancer Society and Cystic Fibrosis). I also began writing songs. Three have been recorded, two are still in the process. I started writing my current work, which is still in progress a few months ago. It is the story of how when I was a young teen my father and I lived in a tent on a hillside in a rural area some 50 miles south of Buffalo NY in 1971 and hand built the house my mother lives in to this day. We spent the entire summer vacation building the house. We moved from the tent to the house the day before school started. This is my first attempt at writing anything of this size. I have written other very short stories that have been well received.

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