a bird from the United States

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"I'm not afraid of God, I am afraid of man. - Marina &the Diamonds"

Nichole.  29.  Librocubicularist.  Logodaedalist. Logolatrous. "Our real discoveries come from chaos." - C. Palahniuk

just a being of the ether;
inconstant like the winds
and mercurial like the tides.


wetwork    (saga)
the glory born (NaNo 2012)
of portals and morals 
the hunters of nyque 
of ichor and blood (NaNo 2013)
untitled merhorror (NaNo 2014)
the devil's tundra (NaNo 2015)
queen mother (NaNo 2016)
the king of thieves (script)

poetry and side projects:

2017 Poetry Challenge; aluminum forests or afterglow
2016 Poetry Challenge; gossamer tongue
2015 Poetry Challenge; orphic
2014 Poetry Challenge; naology
2013 Poetry Challenge; psithurisms
poetry collection
selections from past lives - a collection of micropoems
laudator temporis acti - an experiment in stream of consciousness
the space between the heart and tongue - a collection of fictional letters
beauty and the feast - a short fantasy horror story
flash fiction collection


Breathing in Sequence (Twilight)
Ghosts of District 13 (Hunger Games)
Iridescent (Vampire Diaries) 
Incendiary (RomanRogers)


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