just a ragamuffin

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Chances are, I'm laughing right now. In a way, I'm always laughing. Even when I'm crying, my head is laughing at how I'll be laughing about it later. Maybe that's not normal. But, hey. Being normal is boring. I do not even know what normal is. I never have, because in the realm I live in, obnoxious faces are made, skipping is done, and random people are reprimanded. What I am now, I can't and won't change. So call me crazy, because maybe I am. I will continue to be that person who dances in Walmart, aisle 9. Shaking, singing, not making any sense unless I want to be understood. Does that make sense? That's alright, anyway. Just see me through a window, outlining the shape of your face through the frost. I'll remember you, if you remember me. Deal?

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