a 23-year-old hobo from Mount Jolympus :D

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"Fact: Sam and Dean Winchester could hunt down Edward Cullen's shiny ass and chop his head off >D"

Slightly strange
Known as to friends
Apollo :3 (thus the display picture)


rock climbing
you, if you give me a hug
guys with cool hair
fantasy stories
Dreams for...
love, action, and adventure...
Books -
Maximum Ride
City of Bones
Chronicles of aincent darkness
P.S. I love you
Movies -
Moulin Rouge
Treasure planet :3
She's the man
Basic Babble...
Heyy :D Sooo, i'm beth!  Not Rabethany, or Bethany, or Elizabeth! Juuuuuuust Beth! :D I got my name from my uncle, who is always calling me Rabecca for some reason, and then he came up with 'Rabethany' soooo, yhippy! Unusual name!

Random things to do before i die :D

Stand in a crowded lift and grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering: "Shut up, all of you just shut UP!". { Done (: }
Take my car through a drive-thru in reverse.
Surf aound pluto on a matress {done xD }
go into mcdonalds dress as Ronald McDonald and advice customers not to eat there.
Whilst doing an exam, get a copy, run out screaming "Andre, Andre, I've got the secret documents!!"
Go to the Bingo, when you win, jump up and shout " HA!, I conquer you elderlies!" {done}
Put my head in a candy floss machine...see what happens.

I can barely spell, so thank god for spell checker :D But if you notice any spelling mistakes, please feel free to mention them, and i'll change them when i can :D

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