a gentleman from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom

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"The hardest time in a man's life is between puberty and impotence."

  Rob Thompson is:

  • a dilettante dandy
  • a gentleman adventurer
  • a super heavyweight boxer
  • king of atlantis
  • a cage fighter
  • a trampolinist
  • a world-class insomniac
  • an idiot savant
  • a pedantic despot
  • a bon vivan
  • a hater / lover of technology
  • a complainer
  • a passive-aggressive
  • an office drone
  • a beer sponge
  • a ghostbuster
  • a crafter of erotic soap statuettes of Pat Sharpe
  • a biodegradable daredevil
  • a hammock test pilot
  • an atomic bomber
  • an amateur surrealist
  • a misanthrope
  • an Olympic Gold Medal Winner
  • a liar
  • an bi-polar philanthropist
  • an amatuer raconteur
  • a sciurophobe
  • a duffer
  • a horseshoe straightner

... from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom.

  • I am hugely popular and an influence to many people.
  • I would recommend dropping my name in conversation, it will reward you with a respect that you could never truly grasp by your own means.
  • I sometimes dig holes in my garden.
  • I eat cheese and gravy from your fridge.
  • Weekend at Bernies was based on true events in my life.
  • To earn money I work.
  • To burn calories I exercise.


  • Used to be about the size of a baby.
  • Grew very very slowly.
  • Now roughly as big as a man.
  • Haven't grown much in years.
  • Maybe I'll be taller tomorrow?



  • Deadly Games: a pulp sci-fi action adventure story following Campbells monomyth structure

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