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"'Life is a !*^%%, get used to it, get over it' From me I don't have any favourite quotes really!"


I'm hoping to do creative writing at university, so this is to get some practice and to make sure I have some work to show them.

My work tends to be a bit psychotic - hence my profile name psycho! Using some of my own experiences I write in the voice of characters who are depressed, suicidal, anorexics, victims of bullying, self harmers and most of these characters turn into murders. I would just like to say, I am not a murderer! This is my creative licence bit.

My goal in life is to be an English teacher in a secondary school.

If I am absolutely hopeless at creative writing on here then I'll just do a single honours in English Literature, as this would have been my major anyway.

Last word of warning: I am NOT a happy writer - you will not find any love stories or stuff like that on my profile!

Also, I don't actually know what sort of genre my work is. If anyone does read my work, can you please tell me?

Thank you!

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