a 29-year-old young buck from Kuala Lumpur

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"He dreams too much about things that are too small to see. He stays in the bath-tub till his skin becomes soft and wrinkled. He doesn't know how to function without being too loud and demanding too much attention. He is clingy sometimes, and routinely needs someone to grab him by the shoulders and yell into his ears till he realizes the value of the life he has built. He is weak, but hides behind lies of strength.

He is lucky in friendships

He will make you laugh.

Forgive him his flaws, and he will love you forever.

Ask nicely and he might remind you how to be happy.


Unapologetically pretentious. Thoughtlessly pompous

Continually amazed by the process of being human.

He is your super hero
Call him Prav."

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