a 21-year-old femme from Wonderland, United States

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"Dreaming about being an actress, is far more exciting than actually being one. - Marilyn Monroe"

'Sup homiezz?

Heyy. My name is Mia. I'm a fifteen year old freshman in high school. I love a lot of things: rainy days, floral dresses, old movies, messy hair, guys with accents, raspberry lemonade, false eyelashes, bright yellow, the Kings of Leon, expensive perfume, afternoon naps, skull rings, dumplings, diet coke, lace tights, costume jewelry, sugarfeee gum, chapstick, stuffed animals, Thai food, scented candles, diet soda, friendship bracelets, glitter nailpolish, loud music, butterflies, italian ice, and most importantly hugs. (:

I mostly write teen/young adult fiction, with romance-y undertones. I've been writing poetry and lyrics since elementary school, but most of them suck pretty hard. So, yeah, If you like my work comment and I'll try to return the favor. I have a solo called Damaged Goods which is my very first story on Protag! It's finished and ready for reading. CHECK IT OUT, pleeease.

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