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"there is no enlightenment without confusion"

According to my creator, Dan Brereton (who I myself am not, fyi, just a fan) - I used to be a dedicated cop and martial arts instructor, when my body spontaneously combusted. That should've killed me, but the good old black ops folks swooped in and rebuilt me as a "burner" (sorta like those OCP guys did to Robocop, only, er not exactly). They put my resurrected remains in an indestructible android frame (stupid!); that helped me escape and find my new home with my buddies the Nocturnals. I figure I'm a good match for Wolverine now (uhuhuhuh he said 'match'.)

some people I dig whom you might dig:

ECP - mix weezer/nin/matthew sweet/fiona apple

Cory Doctorow - sciencey-fi goodness from right field

Firewater - gritty catchy world pop

Dan Brereton - creator, writer, painter, Nocturnals

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