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"More (insert random object here) than you can shake a stick at" - Mr. Granado (One of the coolest teachers EVER)

Hello everyone!

I am among those suffering through the closing of the beloved All that I'll say is that it sucks (a great deal!) and that I'm still pretty sad about it. But no worries, I'll be alright, especially seeing so many of my fellow ficleteers on here. That and there seems to be a lot of interesting people here already. I'm very excited for the chance to meet some new people.

A little about myself, I'm a senior in high school. I love reading and writing (which is kinda why I'm here). Writing really is one of the best ways to deal with stuff. I know its REALLY helped me deal with issues I've had and just general bottled-up emotions.

My other giant hobby is band. I play quite a few instruments including alto sax, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, and mallet percussion. I am also the student secretary. Tons of work, no respect. Oh well, I like what I do so I put up with it. In my four years in band we have been through not one, not two, not three, but four band directors! Its crazy and unfair but its the way things are. Just have to deal with it.

Well you're going to find that because I like to write to deal with my issues, most of my stuff is "stream of conscious" (that's what its been called before at least) and will most likely be dealing with a guy. This being true I still love making up completely random stories. Randomness could very well be my middle name. If you don't like randomness you may not enjoy my stuff. Sorry.

Umm I think I've ranted enough (another thing I tend to do and apologize for in advance) time to get writing :)

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