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"*W.U.W.I? Only if you ask I will tell:)- Alya Landry *I answer all questions-except that one.* -Alya Landry"

Hi everyone! I am new here so I need help with what's going on...OK that's out the way...My name is Alya. I've been writing since forever. I'm more of a sentimental writer...I thrive on listening to music and closing my eyes and writing the picture a song can create, so if you visit my blog, you will often see that I have given the "inspiration source" that I wrote a particular piece.

Ummmm...what else, if  you are reading this and you are from any other place besides Ohio USA, please drop me a line at: I want to personally say "hello" I am amazed at just how many cultures and places people are from, so if you'd like I created a blog where you can do just that. Visit: I hope to see and hear from you!

Things I'm into:

  • Networking
  • Art
  • Artists
  • Spoken Word
  • Poetry
  • Thinking
  • Music
  • Simplicity
  • P.EG.S
  • I love cartoons {Looney Tunes} The old cartoons
  • Laughing

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