a 29-year-old chick from the United Kingdom

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"If music be the food of love, play on" written by the late, great Shakespeare.

I am a 20 year old aspiring Children's Author currently trapped in the body of a modest underachiever! I work in a jewellers and in my spare time I write, write and write some more.

I am a lover of all things French and I have a unique sense of style.

Despite the harsh criticism from many people I am a fan of writers such as Jane Austen and The Bronte sisters. The austere outlook on life represented in their characters may seem to some quite dull but I think it is commendable to write about what you know and to do it well. Theirs was an era obssessed with the idea of marraige and a woman's obligation to her husband and under no circumstances can anyone find fault in Jane Austen's work for she created one of the most renowned characters of all time in the captivating Mr Darcy!!!

I have also read a few autobiographies, the most recent being Billie Piper. She is actually a really interesting person and I liked her music when I was younger.  I also like to read Romantic Fiction. I was in tears reading The Notebook.

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