a 24-year-old shorty from in da 210 bitches, la, United States

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"cuz &#!&%, im the BOMB like tick tick"

This is Lauren.

I'm 16 years yungg.

And I got a past and write stories from my experiences. I also love collaborating on experiences I haven't been through and try to understand that experience as if it were my own. I love making characters, and I love getting to know each individual one.

I got my family, who I love, I'm just very distant with...except the cool ones:

My sister, 14: Randie Candie

My Brother, 9: Jake The Snake

My 1st Half Brother, 5: Preston Crest In?

My 2 Half Brother, 3: Parker Marker

I'm thee oldest. Or as the famous Lemony Snicket says "Eldest."

My older cousins: Sarah Care-a, Chelsea Telsey?, and...Kendrick Hendrix? I don't know. We call him Kenny G.

And...I think we're good.

I got friends too, but I got too many to list em down here.

Any questions?

Contact me(:

This is D-Macizzle to the shizzle...

Wowwee. That was an utterly failed attempt at being black.

Me and Lauren are like whoa. Me and her gots the thangs goin' like whoa son. YEAH! WELL OKAY! OKAY! WHAT?!

Naw, just kidding. Me and Lauren are trying to work on me and her. We got some chemistry going. I feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy with all the chemistry working. 

Guess that jungle fever knows no boundaries, eh?

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