a 59-year-old man from Bishops Stortford, Herts, United Kingdom

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"This must be a Thursday, I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

54 yr old married nudist living with wife and stepkids in England.

Two biological children with an ex partner, we never married because she still was married.

Work for my local rail company.

Wrote the opening chapter of a book, and the synopsis, and had a publisher 'very interested' back in the 70's. Have barely touched it since.

Bisexual, but very much more interested in women.

'Train of thoughts' is taking a story I'm writing into another direction, and that may be the wrong one but I'll go along for the moment. (My original idea is a lot darker and involves lesbians, voyeurism, and the angst of teenagers and parents.)

(I promised a female bisexual friend of mine in the 70's that I'd write a story about her and her gf, only taking me 30 yrs.)

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