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"You can do anything! It's called a trash CAN not a trash CAN'T" - Idk tbh

Welcome to my page!

Without going too long, I want to share a little bit about me. Sadly I'm not allowed to share any really personal information due to where I'm living at the moment. I can tell you that I'm a junior in high school (as of this moment), and I'm a huge fan of unexpected storytelling. Being able to truly surprise your reader (in a way that makes sense or works well) can make a meh story into a masterpiece. I really enjoy stories that have an expansive world beyond the current setting, worlds that have more stories to them than the one you're reading. Halo, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars are good examples of this. I have many good ideas for stories and the worlds that they're set in, so I hope you'll enjoy them. My first story will be fantasy and I'll post an update of what's going on as time goes on. Now all this sounds great and all, but I have a small confession: I'm terrible with commitments, so I may drop off the face of the Earth every once and awhile, but be rest assured that I will finish each story I finish. Might take a few years, but if the story gets good feedback I'll feel more inclined to continue writing. I'll also be posting each chapter on tumblr.

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