just a kid from Lincolnshire

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"dreams don't have to exist while the sun's down and your eyes are closed."

Writing has always, and will always be an escape for me. Writing, reading, music and art. It's an escape. Escape from reality. Escape from the repetitive daily cycle. Freedom. Freedom to be myself. Freedom to let my dreams flow, whether it's from ink, leaving it's plastic case keeping it captive, where it is desperate to be transformed into something meaningful, words that will warm hearts, where it meets paper, calling out for imagination, calling out for it too, to be transformed into something that will long be treasured even after the ink, the scribe is no longer present. Whether it's from a pencil, holding so many opportunities just waiting to be released, to become, to be welcomed, accepted. Or whether it's from music, flowing from an instrument with so much potential, beauty, life.

My indecisiveness sometimes lets me down, that, and an overactive imagination that has so many ideas held waiting for there chance to transform into something beautiful, something that is accepted. And i worry, will i make the right decisions? Will i have time to show the world all the things that exist at present, in my imagination? Will the rest of the world believe, encourage me to become? Time doesn't stay on our side forever. Nothing is guaranteed.But the will to learn, yes, that must be a good thing. From learning we become something. Someone, instead of nobody - someone who is ignored, someone who fits in the crowd, goes with the flow. No, that's not me, i want to stand out and by learning to capture hearts, i hope to achieve.

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