a 21-year-old funky monkey from Unsure, United States

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"Don't make me hit you." - myself "If you only are if you think, then the world is a lie." - myself "Water is not wet. Water makes other things wet, but water cannot make water wet. Therefore water is not wet." -myself

I've restarted my profile. I deleted everything I had written before, except a poem, because it was rated.

I've started writing two new solo stories. Please, read them, comment on them, and rate them! I also have one poem published, so please read that if your in the mood for poetry!

Solo Stories: Secret Place of Knowledge (Fantasy), Detective Johnathan Rights, Private Eye (Mystery, Detective)

Poems: Secret Stars

Co-op stories: None/N/A Interested in doing a co-op story? Just let me know here on my profile and I'll check in!

Welcome to my profile! If you have stumbled on to me by some small chance, then welcome! If you have been looking for me, then here I am! If you have seen any of my works, then good for you! Hoped you liked them!

omegaMonkeywriter out!

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