a bird from Canada

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I'm an aspiring author and editor, but for now, I'll focus on improving.

I'm quite interested in the collaborative writing side of this site, and I have no idea how it works—but it sounds like so much fun! Let's bounce some ideas off of each other and create something wicked and awful and strange!

I'll participate in almost anything, as long as it's fiction written with effort, and I'm in a writing mood; otherwise, I will be very slow to produce work. I am very sporadic. I may not write for weeks, and then spew out thirty thousand words over a weekend. It usually is all a matter of inspiration, motivation, and busy-ness: (school, sports, video games...), so I'm hoping this site will help me write more regularly, and smash through my writer blocks.

In terms of genre, I'm quite partial to the kind of adventure you'll need a good pair of boots to go on, and horror—mostly psychological, but hey, a daily dose of gore is great too. Three cheers for anything dark, twisted, and insane! A side of fantasy, or something apocalyptic never hurts. I like romance and anything humorous, but I'm not the best at writing it. I wonder what that says about my own life, ha ha.

So yeah.

Um, shall we write?

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