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The sun locks lips with my weary intellect as I gasp for water approaching the silver anniversary of my birth.  Who would have thought I would have made it this far already? I did not, that is for sure. 

The sand ceases movement between my toes and the air feels calm. The sound of the friction is deafening, nay, the loss of friction.  I can feel the skin peel from my body and the water being sucked through my pores. This is all i have to give? I sincerely hope not.

As my body separates, the true meaning of each piece is revealed to me.  I had no idea.  I wasn't given a manual. The sun is preserving the mass for later filing and yet it seems content. We are sharing it seems, as i let go of fear and float into the sun. Intermingle with each photon that lands on my once useful matter. My eyes witness the discorperation and my brain receives notice shortly thereafter. This is a goodness. I am becoming one with the universe, its taken this long. Have you struggled this long?

Soon my energy will be spread amongst the universe, flowing with the streams, blowing with the breezes, the fresh ocean breath will utter my being.  Lets take this trip my lips say, my brain complies.  My energy has witnessed the shut down. The power switch has been set to off. No more green lights and flickers behind the iris. It is all broadcast now. I am you, and your friends. I am me, and my loved ones. I am the universe and the void, the infinite. I am.  

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