a 60-year-old chiquita from Canada

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"You're only young once but you can be immature the rest of your life. You're in the ground a long time. Life is short and sweet. No worries, no regrets."

I'm a curious, wildly impulsive, highly imaginative and @#^^ing lazy person with too many thoughts, most of which I regard as original, only to find later they're NOT. 

Gfs have been telling me for yrs to write a book and I'm too ADD to actually do that but this website looks cool.

I'm interested in my family, friends, pets, music, eating, shopping, travel and sunshine.   Mostly in that order but what fascinates me most is moi.

We get too old too soon and too smart too late.

My adult kids humor me as I wingout on yet another tangent.

At tea time here in Canada  we enjoy mind expanding baked goodies and herbal remedies.

On that note I'll stop typing.

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