a bird from Toronto, Canada

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"What ever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset" - Joss Whedon

That's me, a good ol' bird. A majestic stork to be precise. I can be found lurking in used book stores throughout Toronto and eavesdropping on strangers as I invent backstories for them. I've been called a hipster, but I promise I only wear huge non-prescription round glasses to obscure the ridiculous nose my Greek ancestors cursed me with.

Credentials include:
- once mailed a piece of a magic mushroom to Switzerland
- played cards against humanity with a girl who wants to be a nun
- owns 350 books
- dropped an antique cannon ball on my finger at a museum
- ate nothing but 2 avocados in 24 hours one time
- threw a fire cracker into a bar and almost got arrested
- is related to professional clowns
- officially certified "weirdest person Lauren knows" (thanks Lauren)
- journal from when I was 9 says I called a guy cheese face and threatened to beat him with a kayak paddle

So stick around and read some of the experimental work I've started uploading here. Sometimes I fancy myself a female Augusten Burroughs. Other times I want to set everything I've ever written and myself on fire. 

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