a 25-year-old female from Philippines

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"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not yet the end."

Hello! My real name begins with J and ends with S. But I'm more known as "flamecca" on the web and other forum sites....and also known as "ninequarter" in NaNoWrimo Org.

It has become my passion to write not because I wanted compliments or achievement, but because I wanted it. I love writing because it's the only way I can do to express what I feel and what I want to do. When I write something it is then I feel like I am "worthy of my existence". So...probably when I will die the last thing I ever want to do is to write something. LOL.

I have won the NaNoWrimo this year and it's my first attempt. You can find me on my wordpress blog more often than anywhere else.

I give my thanks to UponAtlas who was the root of all reasons why I stumbled upon this site. XD

One thing to note about me is that: I am very friendly and I want YOU to become my friend. Just do not hesitate to contact me, ne? Let's chat sometimes. Because a lonely bird is lonely when she's living alone inside a cage.

What makes me happy:

1) Write stories, fictions, essays, novel, poem etc.

2) Knowing that a reader likes what I write

3) Comments, whether good or bad, coming from different persons regarding my works

4) Friends

5) At least see my name on a published novel (someday). Hopefully.

Recommended site: I think you would like this site in the future, it is still in process, but the site will provide free ebooks to the readers without worrying the author might profit nothing!

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