a 39-year-old scrub from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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"Well hello, Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things, right now: Jack and sh*t... and Jack left town." -Ash, Housewares

Hey there, fellow Protagger.

So I'm Nick, that guy who runs (also: builds/supports/designs/bakes cookies for) this site. Some call me "that guy who runs the site", some call me "hey you", and some even call me "boss".

... but really, I'm fine with plain ol' "Nick", if it suits you.


NOTE: If you've left a comment on my profile in the last few months and haven't received a reply yet, I apologize. I'm horrible at responding to profile comments unless I reply to them within the first 48 hours. I tend to get sidetracked really easily. :) If you need to get a hold of me for any reason, or have something you'd like me to check out (or just want to say hi), feel free to send me a message via my profile or just email me directly. Emails are replied to on a much more frequent basis. Thanks! 


Before you complain about something to me directly (or file a bug report):

  • Have you checked the FAQ for an answer? You'll find answers to all of your most commonly asked questions there.
  • Have you looked at the Getting Started guide?
  • If you have a problem with a story or you want to get the moderators involved, please use the Flag button to report the work, profile or topic in question. It makes our lives as moderators much easier!
  • The official Protagonize blog is also full of useful information. I also give hints and previews of new site features here, so it's worth looking over regularly. :)
  • Are you a fan of our Facebook page? Why not? That definitely gets plenty of action as well.

Alright, enough about me. Let's get on with the general links you can follow me at.


Here are some ongoing stories of mine (or ones I'm involved in) that you may want to check out:

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