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"She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures. But because she continued on despite them."

Hi! I'm Rebekah Ross, and enthusiastic writer who just loves to write for fun, and for her fans! I wish to get my books published someday. 

Books I'm working on:

The Survival Trials, The Witch's Revenge
Daughter of the Raging Wave, Neptune's Heir

switched up 

I'm new on here.

I love reading. I love realistic fiction, and fantasy. Those are the two types of books I write best. I love writing about problems and sad stuff and bullies. 

I hope you guys like my writing!

WARNING! Writer at work! By penalty of death of your favorite character!
Do not enter except in case of real emergency.
Things that constitute a real emergency:
*The house is on fire
*The zombie apocalypse has begun
*Lunch is ready

^^^^^^ A little blurb I found

I am currently working on a trailer for Switched Up! I'll post it when it's ready!

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