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Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon Protagonize while on Facebook and I thought it would be an interesting community to join. I love to write when I can, but my creative side mainly lies on drawing. So you'll probably find me on

When I do write though, it ranges from fanfiction stories to fantasy to mystery. I've been doing NanoWrimo for the past two years but I've never made it to the 10,000 words mark let alone the 50,000 words goal. The experience, though, has been amazing, and a couple of my friends have reached that 50,000 words goal.

So I told you I draw and I write. I'm sure you took it for granted that I read as well. The books I read are mainly fantasy, chick lit, and teens. Some of my favorites are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, Harry Potter by J.K.Rowlings, Anne of Green Gables and it's series by L.M.Montgomery, all of Tamora Pierce's books, as well as Meg Cabot's books. There are far more books that I enjoy just as much as the ones I listed.

So now that you have a basic understanding of what I love and what I'm like, I hope that I'll enjoy my time at this community.

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