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"It's always darkest just before the dawn."

1. (adj.) peaceful, joyful, rich.
2. (n) a genus of vibrantly colored kingfisher
3. (n) a type of mythical bird born on the winter solstace in a floating nest that spreads a sense of calm
Neo- :  a latin root meaning new

 I'm a lover, an equestrian, a prose writer, and open-minded poet who's ready to take on the world. You'll see me at least try at everything, because I'm starting out my writing career. I have a lot of fun co-writing things with my friends, gaming, and riding "my" crazy fancy-pony, Steven. I'm in love with a gentleman and my best friend is loyal and ready for anything with me. On top of all that, I live in a Shakespearean comedy set to song. It's like Glee, but with band kids who sing off-key and make terrible puns instead of drama.

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