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I am what I am!!!!About me:Being a woman is a terribly difficult task,since it consists principally in dealing with men,and men as we all know,have very little to do with principles...but i also know that no man shows his soul to another man but he shows it to only a woman...and today's woman is becoming a person first and wife second...
I am a mother,a wife,a lover,a daughter,a sister,a daughter-in-law, a sister in law,an employer,an aunt,a niece,a friend,a teacher...........but above all am just me...myself...I am ME...a dreamer, a writer, a romantic ,a vagabond..fascinated by fairy tales,by tales of mermaids and the albatross..I believe in angels and demons,I believe in enid blyton's stories too,I believe in the values taught by Mahatma Gandhi(its another story that i find following him a very difficult task;) ideals in life are mine alone!!!I can forgive but havent learnt to forget me all relationships matter and are important!I give in a 100% to everything I do...I expect the same from others too...and this is where the problems lie...Expectations that we mortals have....and cant do without!!
I LIVE WITHOUT ANY REGRETS...LIVE LIFE AS IT COMES ..BECAUSE I KNOW LIFE IS INEXPLICABLE....IT ALWAYS SURPRISES U WHEN U LEAST EXPECT IT TO....JOLTS YOU BACK TO REALITY WHEN YOU THINK ALL'S not bitter about the past..nor too hopeful about the future..but am a little wary of i lives its twists and turns...

Aint all that about me so confusing????
Give it up......even I am confused !!!!
:) :) :)

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