a 23-year-old bird from Central Florida, United States

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"Don't burn yourself to keep another warm." "Share, share, share. Especially when you don't have a lot. No one can complain when you've given all you got." "Like trees, people grow and branch out. We lose some leaves, grow some flowers and hope that the lightning misses."

 I'm Nat. I'm 22 and I drink a lot. I may be a bit witchy and am prone to long bouts of romantically gazing at the moon. Between days spent amongst the leaves, I can usually be found somewhere dark, sipping on a non-descript beverage in a mug. When the fancy takes me, I go wood-walking and watch the animals for inspiration.  There's a lot to be learned from the birds, squirrels and snakes.

I don't hold with people. I don't hold with taking the time to invest in them anymore. It doesn't normally end well for anyone involved. So if you have interest in a solitary soul, here I am.

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