a lady from Durham, United Kingdom

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"I can see the fnords."

 I'm not entirely sure what to put here. My name is Fash, which is short for FashionistState, which in itself is derived from an Angelspit lyric. I enjoy fiction that is speculative or postmodern. And also fanfiction. And tartan noir. I spend most of my time crying over homosexual mercenaries.

I regularly cosplay obscure side characters from Team Fortress 2. (And also RED Sniper.) I get often dragged along to Homestuck meets despite not being an active part of the fandom, and actually, my favourite webcomic will always be Elf Only Inn. I am an INTP, a cis female and an asexual heteroromantic. I am barraging you with meaningless facts with little rhythmic flow. (But it's a stylistic choice. I promise.)

My favourite authors are Christopher Brookmyre, Bret Easton Ellis, and Philip K. Dick. My favourite film of all time is The Triplets Of Belleville. My favourite video game is Psychonauts, but you wouldn't be blamed for thinking it's TF2. Red Dwarf is my favourite TV show, followed closely by Psychoville and The League of Gentlemen. In terms of comics, I enjoy Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Judge Dredd, and Deadpool. (Though I wish the Oxford comma weren't there because Judge Dredd and Deadpool would be a kickass crossover.)

Music is incredibly important to my life. My favourite band is Angelspit, but I also enjoy the various projects of Mike Patton, Todd Smith and Sascha Konietzko. I am currently working towards a university-level diploma for recorder and have completed Grade 8 for piano and music theory. I left a rock band due to 'creative differences', and I am currently working on an instrumental album of electronic music. One day I hope to start the first progressive EBM band.

My current major writing project is a novella called 'hideousxperfect'. (The title's another Angelspit reference.) It's about a lot of things. A girl falls from the sky and remarkably survives, a whole city contorts out of shape into some bizarre Escher-style drawing, and that city's inhabitants gradually become mindless slaves to an unknown force. Also the main character drops out of college.

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