a 24-year-old chick from AD, UAE, United Arab Emirates

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"Be like the bird that, Halting on its flight a while, on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings"

I write short stories, not because it's something i'm good at (that isn't to say i'm not... I'll leave it for you to decide)but because it is something i am passionate about. My only belief is that one should embrace their passions. Hold them tight and never let go! Not through rain or shine or brilliant job opportunities (that isn't to say not to grab the brilliant job oppurtunity. I'm just saying: Don't ever forget what you love!) Bottom line is: feel free to critisise my writing. I welcome constructive critism. Just don't ever say i'm not good enough to write, because terrible as i may be, I will continue to write. I will die with a pen in my hand.

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