a female from Hereford, United Kingdom

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"There is a time, There is a place, There is a moment. This is the time, This is the place, And now is your moment."

I’m the kind of person who writes with the moment, ignoring spelling, punctuation and grammar until I finish.  Right now I have two long stories on the go, Seven Letters and Her Green Grey Eyes. I also have some short stories as well called Crushed and The Summer I knew You.

I’d call myself a creative person in most things I do with a passion for Art, Writing, Reading, Singing, Cooking and other things (I’ve been known to create cakes with maps on for school projects as well as baking for a 5 star B&B in South Wales).

I have a wide range of support from my friends (Jenny, Steph, Miranda, Lis, Megan) along with teachers, in particularly Mrs Read (for who first read My Own) and Mr Edwards (who is currently read bits of Seven Letters and Her Green Eyes) who have been really supportive.

I aim to have one of my longer stories published before I leave school either in paper format or eBook format.

The only flaw I have when it comes to writing is I never seem to be able to finish it. I’ll keep you posted on that point!

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