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hey... wassup everybody im a 13 year old gurl from detroit michigan... da hood sike- nah :) I've been on protagonize for a while but i jus wanted to see what pplz been writing so i could get some ideas. i never been a writer but ima try.

A little abt meh :)

-love romance stories, i like to get critiqued to help miii writing. i like twilight, i like urban romances that i can relate to. mii writing may have my personal experiences sometimes , i like action and muderer and crime stories that keeps me guessing. i always take help in mii writing project but tell me in advance. im a kewl person that is funni and lovable and easy going but is also confindent and independent.

Projects  i am starting is called " When is my Prince going to come?(i will need help so if u have any suggestions or comment plz tell me)

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