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"Practice make perfect"

Hello everyone here. =)

Okay, I am new member here(14/12/09). I am still not sure how Protagonize works, and still learning, so my profile page is currently quite empty. I will try to update it. For now, I wont be writing any stories, till I understand how this works. =)

About me

Just call me "myworld" will do. I am a female and still a teenager at Singapore. I am a busy girl. While I'm not giving very detailed ones. -.-

I like to read stories especially romance kind. That will be also what I am going to write about. I love to read Japanese shoujo manga too. I got most of my ideas all from manga while others from my imaginations. =)

I am not really good in my English(as you may know after reading the above), so my stories wont be having big vocabulary or excellent grammars. I write stories to let my imagination ran wild. But I will try to keep my stories to zero errors. As "practice make perfect" right? I also use this change to improve my English.=)

If I posted a story, do give your comments, I will try to improve the next time. 

Okay, end for now, bye. =D

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