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"I'm not mad my reality is just different from yours." Cheshire cat) "You're off the edge of the map Jack and here there be monsters" (Barbosa POTC) "Of course it's happening inside your head Harry" (Dumbledore HP) "I looked in his eyes and I saw myself" (Hiccup HTTYD)

The place inside my head opposite to reality, where pirates rule the seas, lions are capable of speech and a hat can predict where you are most suited. A place where hobbits and asgardians alike can enjoy each other's company. Where dragons exist and wonderland is real. I welcome you to imagination land where we can all be mad together and eat cake. :)

Give me a high five and a packet of jelly-babies and I will be eternally grateful. (Until I forget that is.) Bullies can put their words somewhere other than their noses and maths can burn in the fiery pits of Mordor :)


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