a dudette from England. PIP PIP, United Kingdom

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I am a person with a brain full of nonsense and ideas. People are suprised by this because I'm generally quite until I'm not anymore. Hehe it amused me to see there reactions. But yeah, I think alot! So much I forget I've been having a converstion as I just go into an automatic response mode.

I love to write my thoughts out. I find it theraputic. And I need therapy..... I'm not afraid to say I'm a little bit broken inside and find people hard to get. I wish people would talk to me more... but they tend to get annoyed at my randomness. :( But oh well, life goes on and i find places like this.

Hope you like what I write. And I am aware of some key areas I need to improve on. So if ya notice feel free to talk them over with me. I just need thing explained sometimes. HA! I sound a little psycho. Quite likely am.

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