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"You can't go back to the garden, it's never going to be perfect here again. And if you waste all your energy trying to make believe or to look for the perfect place or the perfect person or the perfect life, you'll miss the good while looking for the perfect."

   Well, I'm just a guy. Nothing more, nothing less. I enjoy being creative and inspiring other people to let out the inner workings of their hearts in their writing. When it comes to my stories, well, a lot of this stuff I wrote when I was an immature kid and thought that angsty writing was good, and you're more than welcome to still read them because they got me to where I am today, but let it be known I've grown. Also note that a lot of my past works have been very spiritually oriented, and while I have no problems with christians, I am not one myself anymore, leaning more towards the spiritualist and Wiccan side.

Well, that's enough about me. I'll let my works speak for me.

My Main Stories (Orphaned ones not included):

Burying You

 Broken Promise

My collabs:

Falls Apart

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