a 22-year-old cat from Essex, England, United Kingdom

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"'I was glad for the cuts, glad they show, what's the point in only being hurt in the inside?'"

Haii ^-^

The names allie, an almost-12-year-old girl from england. Writing is my passion, [cliche, much?] and to be honest, I don't care how bad I am at it, I love it.


Writing, drawing, creating, baking, cooking, watching, thinking, observing, photography, anime, emo's, scene kids, stereotypes, cookies, incense, cats, roleplay, gaming, unique people, harajuku fashion, visual kei, japan, hello kitty, psychology, english, R.S


Hypocrites, haters, jealously, control-freaks, tidiness, jerks, after taste of alcohol, plagiarism, school computers, lagging.


zomg, ily dahvie vanity ._.

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