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Hey. My real name is not Janson, just a nickname from my friends, but I'd rather not share my real name on here! However, I'm a sophomore in high school right now, and I love music. I also love my friends, Canada (which, by the way, is NOT where I live), and am generally crazy. Most of my friends enjoy teasing me about my annoying tendency to run into things, especially doors and walls. And falling both down AND up stairs. I love to read and write as well, which is part of the reason that I joined this site. I also joined because, well, my friend wanted me too! And I'd read her stuff and liked the site, so I decided to give it a try. OH! I also love different accents. Haha. I love to just listen to various accents.... I'm hopeless at writing them though. Oh well. Well, that's just a little bit about myself. Oh! One more thing: I love the name Lily, and the idea of romance in the rain, although my name is not Lily, and I've never actually experienced romance in the rain.

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