a bird from NJ, United States

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"The best thing in life is doing something people told you you could never do"

"I wanna scream I love you from the top of my lungs, but I'm afraid that someone else will hear me..."

ok, so first thing first, I tend to be a hopeless romantic - just so you know...

so now...I love love love music, i play guitar, the flute & piccolo. I listen to music everyday - any chance I get. I have a actual "CD collection" and my life dream is to be in a band.

I love a good romanse, but I like the kind where the two caracters go through a lot before they get together - like, the kind where throughout the entire story you're sitting there like "kiss each other already!" - and then, in the end, they do and you're sitting there like "YES!"

Other random things about moi includeee:

1. gilmore girls is one of my favorite shows everrr

2. my actual favoriate show is House - Chase is my husband (even though he's married) oh, how i'll miss that show..

3. i dream BIG and plan on accomplishing every single one of those dreams. look out world

4. i tend to be insecure

5. and shy, when i first meet people - i hate that about me

6. music is MY personal brand of heroine

oh, and one more thing - fall out boy? my ALL TIME favorite band IN THE UNIVERSE...for, next week it'll prob change =] that's me

SO, here's my profile, my stories, and my life in words...have fun.

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