a 31-year-old lady from San Francisco, CA, United States

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"When you live in tension, that is the best possible atmosphere for high creativity. Thats where the void is and that's where God is: in between. We need a two-eyed view. Otherwise there will be no charge, no electricity; there will be no joy." -father william mcnamara

I'm a novice at writing; I've only written for my AP English class waaaaaay back in high school, in my journal and on my blogs.

I am responsible for user interface and visual design for an online social networking company in San Francisco. I am a maker of sounds ("mrrrrrp" is one) and molder of faces (as you can see in my profile photo). I detest milk, creepy people and slow internets. I am passionate about blogging, graphic design, organization, web 2.0, writing and people.

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