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"Life sucks, and then you die. That isn't really my philosophy on life, but I use it when something I don't like occurs that I can't do anything about, like the price of gas."

I am now Published!

For those of you who live in the Ottawa valley area around Brockville Ontario, the book is in print as well for $10.00. Just message me on facebook. I'll be happy to autograph it for you.

Forevermore was co-written with another protagonize author, Alexander Montgomery :

and published by another Protagonize author, Mark Lee:

You may or may not notice, but there are a few stories of mine that are no longer posted here. The reason for that is because those stories have been published! I had to take them off because the places that they're published now own the rights to them. They can be found on if you're interested. 

Underwood - Control magazine issue # 1
Bollywog - Grim Keepers - Halloween  horror anthology

Here are a couple of original stories of mine  that weren't on Protagonize:
Derailed Christmas - Festive Frights - Christmas horror anthology
Rabbit's Revenge - Twisted Easter Tales - Easter horror anthology

My family supports my writing unconditionally. It boosts my confidence, but it doesn't improve my writing. I need lots of feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, it all helps me see my work through the eyes of others.A little bit about me: I love to read. It's my most abiding pastime. Enthusiasms come and go, but I read more than anything else. I like cats, cows, dogs, fish and bears. I don't like frogs, snakes or mosquitoes.  I've been married 38 years, we've lived in the same house for 31 years. I tend to honour serious commitments long term. I'm very serious about writing.

I love writing, and I've gotten some very positive feedback from many of the other authors. On December 23, 2008, I became a featured author. Until Dec. 29, my profile was featured under Authors on this site. What an incredible Christmas present, for which I thank Nick B. profusely. It was a great honour, and it encourages me to write, and write, and write ...

I have spent a lot of time  with tournaments and competitions - hosting one and a half,  judging some, and  competing in some - both prose and poetry. I've loved it all.

I co - hosted the 2010 Summer Poetry Tournament with ElzuWolfe. It was a blast. I learned so much technical stuff  I didn't know before, I thought my head would explode! The three master poet winners were: SomebodysAngel, Aryst0krat, and G2 in that order. It was a hard fought battle, bravely won.

I hosted the 2011 Spring Poetry Tournament, for which I provided prizes. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Some mind boggingly (is that a real word?) excellent poetry came out of it. Here are the winners:

First prize - Plus account - Silvergirl
Second prize - Pro account - Watermark
Third prize - Community service account - Miserabilia

I competed in the 2011 Summer Prose Competition hosted by Elorithryn. I was teamed up with Birdie, and the pairing was excellent. Apparently I play well with others. We won second prize! Some of the commenters suggested we continue the story so we did just that. I'm really proud of what Birdie and I achieved. It's funny, it's mysterious, and its Science Fiction. There are several twists and turns, and a few cliff hangers. Here's where you can find it.

I had a lot of fun competing in the first ever Collaborative Writing Contest, in the summer/fall of 2013. Each competitor wrote one chapter, and the winner got to write the ending. I won, so I wrote the ending. Here's where you'll find it: - Collaborative Writing Contest - winner

I've been working on an exciting project with marcuslee, and A_monty here on Protag. Marc has become an Indie publisher. His company is called The Masquerade Crew, and he's publishing  three time travel anthologies. The first one, consisting of six short stories, is called Forbidden Future. It was released in September, 2013. Here's where you'll find it:

The second anthology, which I'm involved in, has three fantasy novellas. My story, Forevermore, is the featured cover story, which has now been published. All of the information for that is at the top of this page.

Some of my favourite Protagonize authors worth checking out :'s

There are lots more, but these are the ones I've spent the most time with over the years.

My favourite Authors:

Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul, Peter Straub, the Bronte sisters, Mary Higgins Clark, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephanie Meyers, V.C. Andrews, Tad Williams, Isaac Isamov, and Fannie Flag. I'm wondering if maybe I was an axe murderer in another lifetime, because I do like those bloodthirsty stories. I don't know why really, because I hate to see anyone get hurt. I write a lot about Elves. Maybe I was an Elfen axe murderer in another life time.

I retired in October of 2013, and I intend to spend more time on Protagonize. I hosted the Collaborative Writing Contest in, 2014.  It was fun and exciting for everyone.

I am now a co- manager of The Poetry Workshop with FogCat, who is on hiatus right now

Here's some of the projects I've been involved in: 

Moonwalker and Elzu Discuss 'Letters of Neon'  My interview with ElzuWolfe about his first book of Poetry, Letters of Neon

Moonwalker's Lovely Little chat with Elorithryn - My interview with Elorithryn

Moonwalker (interview) -SeeThomasHowl's interview of me

 My solo stories:

This is Me - My thoughts on life

Time out of Mind



Rehearsal - A humourous poem to make you chuckle

Bits and Pieces -  A collection of poems I've written over the years. 

Small Kindnesses  Winter Challenge entry 2009

Ghost Cop,

Ghost Cop, Screenplay

Dangerous Knowledge  Featured March 16, 2009

White Boxes

Petdemonium Flash fiction - There's a link in the Author's Guidance to a picture of Rufus and Trish

Moon lit          Flash fiction piece for August contest (winner)

The Evil Twin   December flash fiction contest entry

The Animal Shelter  There's a link in the Author's Guidance to a picture of Rufus


Collaborative stories that I began:

A Day in the life of ...    A fun exercise

Oh Horrors!  A very funny spoof on horror movies that I'm doing with Colm. 

I remember --- 

Assorted Horror Stories

Nonsense Poems

The Night Owl Club

The Seasons of Life

Funny stories and things that make us laugh

Stories in dialogue challenge

 My collaborations with others:

Marcuslee's collaboration with me and a few others

A massive collaboration with Antagony and many others

Murder Mystery collaboration with many others

CWC's collaboration with me
Cup Cakes and Cappuccinos

Stargazer's collaboration with me, Dethnusakerose, and lovemay

Marcuslee's collaboration with me 

Darkliquid's collaborative gameplay
The Traveller's Children

Jinn Dal's collaborative story with me
The beginning of the Demise of Man II

Faltarego's collaborative story with me
The prime Of Mister John Broddington  Featured June 16, 2009

Elorithryn's collaborative story with me,  Anna's and SpookofNight
Faerie Bound

SeeThomasHowl's collaboration with Rac7hel, AmandaQuirky and I 
This Tragic Infection

Bullies - a segment of Diabolically Villainous Challenge by g2LaPiianistaIrlandesa

Squirrely - a segment of Letters we'd like to write, by Smac972

Cookie Jar 3 - a segment of The cookie Jar by Betweenthespace

Collaborative story segments of:

The Protagonize Bus

The wacky wonders of the protagonist pub

Moonwalker Protagobituary

Diary entries from the crew of the pirate ship, the Pink Daffodil

The Smart Ones

That Vampire Story

Episodes of the Twilight zone #1

Episodes of the Twilight Zone #2


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